AZ8451-05DF-10/K2/MA + ACCU-10C

AZ8451-05DF-10/K2/MA + ACCU-10C

1 Needle 3 Thread Cylinder Bed Overlock Machine with Metering Device and Tape Dispenser

This machine attaches elastic tape on circular articles such as leg opening of swimwear and bikini briefs etc. Cylinder shaped sewing bed ensures smooth flow of the work without obstruction. Stepping motor driven metering device gives necessary tension to elastic. 26X20 different tension can be programmed according to various sewing conditions. Besides, “Cut and re-entry” system eliminates waste of elastic tape. Furthermore, unique tape dispenser, which B scynchronized while machine run (PAT.P) provides relaxed elastic tape into metering device for all the time for further neat finish and uniform size of garments.

K2: Automatic Thread Chain Cutter (vertical type)

MA: Multi Programmable Controller, Including Tape Dispenser Driver

ACCU-10B : Computerized Accurate Tape Tension Controller